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We began our efforts to produce high-quality adventure games a very long time ago, back in the days when an 80386 processor was considered amazingly top of the line. For many years, our only product was a string of what we called “text-adventures,” or interactive fiction. Some of these are still available for download under our Old Games section of this site.

In January of 1999 we designed the prototype of our fist game, The Key. In designing The Key we considered for a long time how we wanted to present our message. How could we surmount our technical difficulties and create a game that was enjoyable, challenging, exciting, and at the same time presents a good, clear view of deeper matters?

It wasn’t easy, we wanted to be clear and up-front with our message, and yet we did not want to be pushy or overdone. How could we present our message in such a way as to interest the players? We believed that it was possible and created The Key. We hope that The Key will entertain, inspire and challenge you and, on top of this, teach you about the greatness of our God.

In June of 2005 we released our second game, Final Destination. We integrated some updated graphics and created a slightly easier puzzle than The Key. While Final Destination is difficult, it shouldn’t take you years to complete it.

Final Destination follows the basic premise of The Key, the desire to glorify, and exalt God. This game discusses many things, including how God give hope in even the most dire circumstances. You’ll have to play the game to find out more.

We are currently working on a third game. We’re still hashing out plot ideas, what new graphical features we can include, etc. If you have ideas we’d love to hear them, you may not be in time for this next game but there’s always the possibility of a fourth.