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Two armies. One battlefield. One victor. Will it be you?

Use strategy and deception to maneuver your armed forces into your opponent's territory and conquer their headquarters. The winner will be crowned with glory and live to see their name thunder down the hallowed corridors of time. The loser will be buried in infamy.

The fate of the war is in your hands. What will you do, commander?

Congratulations, Commander! You have been given control of an elite force of silver pieces, and must use them to capture your opponent's headquarters - the golden star at the far end ofthe board. You must use strategy and cunning, for your opponent is wily and will attempt to capture your silver star if he can.

Your highly-trained armed forces have three types of units. Boats can only move on water. Tanks can only move on land. Planes can move on water or land. UFOs can warp through space and time to distant planets, but you don't have any of those, so you'll have to be content with boats, planes, and tanks. If you are terribly unlucky and manage to lose your entire army then you will be given a top-secret unit that has the ability to move on land or water.

Your turn starts when you click the spinner at the bottom of the screen. A number between 1 and 4 will appear, which indicates the number of squares you can cross during your turn. Use these moves wisely, or they will be your last. You can move units by clicking on them and dragging them to where you want them to go.

The fog of war hides the enemy's army. You will only be able to see them when a piece is captured, or when the round ends.

A game consists of 1, 5, 10, or 20 rounds. The only units you will have to work with are the ones that survived the previous round. The side that won the most rounds will be declared winner of the game.

Destiny awaits! Now go out there and show the world what you can do!